Choosing the Right Drawer Style for your Kitchen

When picking out the style of your kitchen, the drawer fronts (while small) can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your cabinetry. With so many options to choose from, we boiled it down to the 4 main drawer front styles and the distinguishing features of each:

Slab Drawers

Denoted by their flat front, slab doors are popular choices due to their versatility (from their modern clean lines in a rich wood kitchen to a more transitional look in white). For a sophisticated look, this drawer front style would enhance any inset kitchen cabinetry (as shown below).

Slab with Perimeter Moulding

With the same basic foundation of a slab door, perimeter moulding imparts a formal style enhancement. Often this drawer front style works best when coupled with applied moulding on the doors for an elegant look.

Raised Front Drawers

While similar to the slab door, the center panel of this drawer front style is slightly raised for a refined look. Often used when the doors have a raised center panel. 

Five Piece Drawers

As the name suggests, this drawer style is constructed from 5 separate pieces of wood and assembled like a miniature door. With its formal appearance, this style can add interest and sophistication to a clean white kitchen or a regal touch to a rich wood space.