shaker cabinet door

What Style!

Choosing your cabinet door style is the next important bridge to cross in your kitchen remodeling project. In another post, we covered the finishing and wood options available for your kitchen remodeling project. Now we will explore the different door and drawer front styles you can choose.

The door and drawer front style options available for your kitchen can generally be put in one of four categories. 

  • Applied moulding doors and drawer fronts
  • Raised center panel doors with raised, slab drawer fronts
  • Recessed center panel doors with flat, slab drawer fronts

Now, there are some general rules about mixing certain door styles with different finishes and hinging options, but don’t let that hinder your imagination. Once you have decided on a cabinet color you like, find a wide range of door styles in kitchen pictures and imagine each one in your desired finish. Depending on the overall style you prefer for your living space you will probably find yourself drawn towards one of the four groups.

Ackley Cabinet has a wide range of door style options, and will help you sort through the different combinations available to you. Call and schedule an in-home consultation where we will find what style kitchen you want and help you decide on what options will enhance your living space.