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Making your Kitchen, "Your Kitchen"!

Once you have chosen the options we previously discussed, the next step would be to add style enhancing details. The popular detailed embellishments that do this are…

  • Legs (also called ‘Turnings’)
  • Furniture feet

  • Fluted (i.e. ‘grooved’) Fillers & Corner Columns

  • Wainscoting or Beadboard

  • Corbels and Onlays

Legs and furniture feet are the most obvious options for making your cabinets look like a hand-crafted piece of art. Fluted fillers and corner columns (mitered fluted fillers applied to cabinet end corners) lend themselves to an elegantly sophisticated style. Wainscoting (false door ends) compliment these well, whereas beadboard is better for a quaint-cottage style kitchen. Corbels are sometimes necessary due to counter top overhang, but can be used under wall cabinets to give a supporting, vintage effect. And finally, onlays are best used in highly visible areas without other attention-grabbing details – best applied in french provincial kitchens.

This list can go on, and we are able to design many other options into your kitchen. Look at pictures of kitchens that you like and pick out what embellishment options are shown, as well as how many are used in the room. Then, envision your cabinets with these pieces installed along with your previously selected options – isn’t it beautiful? We thrive on transforming your existing cabinets to look and feel like new custom cabinets – down the the last detail!