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Thinking About a New Over the Range Hood in the Kitchen?

Custom White Range Wood Hood - Ridgefield CT

If you have your sights on either upgrading or installing a new range hood as part of your kitchen update project, read our below tips to ensure a smooth remodeling experience.

1. Wood Hoods vs. Stainless Steel Hoods

  • This is the biggest choice that impacts the most factors in the process. Both choices can easily accommodate any style kitchen, however price should be a consideration. We provide a wide selection of wood hood styles to choose from that can be sized to fit your exact kitchen specifications. Due to the sourced material, construction and additional finishing work, wood hoods can be at least double the overall cost of a stainless steel model.

2. Blower/Air Vent Unit Installation

  • If you have your heart set on a wood hood, you will need to purchase a separate blower unit appliance to be installed. Most stainless steel models have the unit pre-installed. We have found that our wood hood vendor often provides better kits, which can be installed by an appliance pro.

3. Duct Work

  • Depending on the existing structure and layout of your kitchen, additional work may need to be performed to install new or modify the existing setup to accept the new hood. This may include sheet rocking or having a HVAC professional re-route the ducting to a suitable outside location.

Center Island Stainless Steel Hood - Greenwich CT

4. Lead Time

  • It is important to keep in mind wood hoods, unlike stainless steel hoods will take additional lead time for construction and finishing to blend with your kitchen cabinetry (either a paint, stain or accent color). We recommend factoring at least 4 weeks for delivery.

5. Hood Installation

  • Now that all style and factors have been determined, a meticulous installation will make a major difference! For best visual appearance, wood hoods will be hung and then will be trimmed in with molding for a polished and finished look. Oftentimes, a stainless hood can be hung by an appliance installer without the need for additional moldings.

Give us a call or contact us today to see how we can help you incorporate a new range hood into your kitchen remodeling plans!