Why Conversion Varnish is the Best Finish for Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinet - Conversion Varnish Finish | Ackley Cabinet Ridgefield CT

When researching your options for your kitchen cabinet remodeling project, you should always look for a conversion varnish finish (also know as catalyzed varnish). Here is why we agree it’s the best choice out there:

  • Conversion varnish is transparent and the most durable finish available for wood

  • It is chemical and moisture resistant, protecting your wood from the damaging effects of household chemicals/cleaners

  • The application and baking process hardens the finish, ensuring painted cabinetry retains paint color and sheen

  • Conversion varnish is more expensive than traditional lacquer, but has more elasticity (this can help to remedy joint expansion/contraction in cabinet doors)

All of the door styles that we carry are finished with oven-cured (baked-on) conversion varnish. Always inquire about the type of finish used on all kitchen cabinet components. This can save you time and money in the long-run, while ensuring your kitchen cabinets maintain their natural beauty.

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