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New Neutral Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors for 2017!

Say hello to these new sophisticated neutrals designed for 2017! As part of our classic cabinet door series, these soothing tones can easily re-fresh your kitchen space or add interest to an accent kitchen island. 

Showcased on our most popular shaker kitchen cabinet door styles, this palette can play well with transitional to traditionally styled kitchens. 

If you are looking for a design alternative to the classic white kitchen, contact us today to see these brand new samples in the comfort of your own home! Be sure to have a peek at our project gallery for even more inspiration. 

Why Conversion Varnish is the Best Finish for Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinet - Conversion Varnish Finish | Ackley Cabinet Ridgefield CT

When researching your options for your kitchen cabinet remodeling project, you should always look for a conversion varnish finish (also know as catalyzed varnish). Here is why we agree it’s the best choice out there:

  • Conversion varnish is transparent and the most durable finish available for wood

  • It is chemical and moisture resistant, protecting your wood from the damaging effects of household chemicals/cleaners

  • The application and baking process hardens the finish, ensuring painted cabinetry retains paint color and sheen

  • Conversion varnish is more expensive than traditional lacquer, but has more elasticity (this can help to remedy joint expansion/contraction in cabinet doors)

All of the door styles that we carry are finished with oven-cured (baked-on) conversion varnish. Always inquire about the type of finish used on all kitchen cabinet components. This can save you time and money in the long-run, while ensuring your kitchen cabinets maintain their natural beauty.

Schedule your complimentary design consultation to see how we can guide you through the remodeling process to achieve your dream kitchen!

Hinges… A Pivotal Styling Choice!

Next on our list of styling selections is hinging. Hinges are not only an integral part of the cabinet function, but are also used to emphasize the style of the kitchen. The popular options are:

  • Beaded inset hinging with exposed barrels

  • Flush inset with hidden hinges

  • Partial overlay hidden hinges

Beaded inset hinging with exposed hinge barrels is a very popular option, lending itself well to traditional styles. Flush inset with hidden hinges gives a clean look, working well with transitional and contemporary styles. Partial overlay hidden hinges are a common choice, working well with transitional styles.

Hinging is a broad and important topic, which we will expand on in later posts. Pick which one suits you best and move one step closer to transforming your existing kitchen space!