What is Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling and How is it Different from New Cabinets & Cabinet Refacing?

First off, this is a great question! Many of our past clients were in the position of having to decide between either refacing their cabinets with thin veneer or completely gutting their kitchens just to put new cabinets back in the same place.

Listening to client demand, we developed a third, NEW option for homeowners who like their layout, but want to drastically update the look and feel. We have found our “Cabinet Remodeling” approach to fill a growing gap in the market – an option offering high quality custom cabinets with less hassle and inconvenience.

Just like residential construction, there are generally three options people have for their kitchen project.

1. Complete Rip-out/Tear-Down

When the structure is unsound or the layout is not functional.

2. Remodel and Renovation

When the structure is sound and layout is functional, yet a significant change to the look and feel is desired, along with minor alterations some of the floor plan.

3. Redecorate/Reface/Paint

When the layout is functional and the look just needs a “freshening up”

As you can see, there are options for all situations. In general, people know they can rip-out and replace all their cabinets, or reface/resurface or paint them if they just want to “spruce them up”. Many people are falling somewhere in the middle, where they don’t see the need to tear-out their good cabinets, but they want a completely new look with high-quality products.

Our new Cabinet Remodeling option gives people all the same options they get with brand new custom cabinets, and utilizes their existing boxes to save them time, money and inconvenience when compared to similar caliber cabinetry.

Our innovative technique allows:

  • Your kitchen cabinets remain in place, as we only remove the exterior pieces (no need for permits or any unnecessary demolition!)
  • We design and build new, solid wood cabinet pieces as well as new custom doors & drawers to give you a completely new look and feel
  • You get to use your kitchen EVERY NIGHT and projects are typically completed in 2 -3 weeks

Similar to a house, you wouldn’t completely tear down and gut your home if you only wanted to update the look, but new paint and carpet might not get you what you want either. So why should your approach to renovating your kitchen need to be any different? The short answer is...it doesn't need to be!

Have more questions about the process? Call us to schedule your complimentary design consultation today to see how we can achieve your dream kitchen without the hassle of a rip-out!