Wondering How to Hire a Home Improvement Contractor? Read These Top 3 Tips!

Ackley Cabinet - Choosing a Home Remodeling Contractor

Choosing a Qualified

Home Remodeling Contractor

With summer here, it's that time of year to start organizing your home improvement projects and getting ready to tackle those areas. You researched tirelessly online, developed a list of companies to call, gathered at least 3 estimates and now what?

Before you pull the trigger, check out our below top 3 recommended tips to ensure you hire the right contractor so your project runs smoothly without a hitch:

  1. Check for Appropriate Licenses: Nothing is worse than hiring a home improvement professional and starting work, soon after to find out they are either not licensed for their trade or it was revoked by the state. We always recommend asking the contractor/company to show you a current copy of their home improvement license with the date of expiration. You can also easily lookup licenses online now and search by name (click here for CT and here for NY). While on the topic, it would also be a good time to ask for proof of insurance to ensure you are protected. 
  2. Call Recent References: This is a biggie that separates out the true professionals. Be sure ask for at least 3 recent customers (meaning the past 2 - 6 months) you can contact. If the contractor seems uncomfortable or cannot easily give you names, that should be your red flag that their work might not be up to par. Remember: satisfied clients are usually willing to chat on the phone and detail their experiences with that professional (both good and bad), so you can make the best informed decision.
  3. Ask to Visit a Finished Project: A photo may be worth a thousand words, but we believe nothing compares to actually seeing the finished product up close in person. Contractors that are proud of their work and stand by the quality will be more happy to show it off to you. Even if the contractor can only arrange a showing of a project from a couple months/years prior, the added benefit there is that you can see how the product held up with daily usage. 

With any home improvement or remodeling project, you always want to make sure you are contracting with licensed professionals to avoid any hiccups with quality or service.

If remodeling the kitchen or updating your cabinets is on your summer "To-Do" list, give us a call today or click here to get started! We would be happy to stop by and show you our offerings to completely transform your kitchen space.